The Three Headless Buddhas

 Some time at the beginning of the Meiji period,
 spirits from the river appeared every night at Kita onsen.
 They caused lots of mischief and trouble making the owner
 very worried.
 So the onsen owner prayed every day
 at the Onsen Jinja (shrine)
 for help in stopping these mischievous spirits.

 One evening as the spirits came from the river,
 three young men appeared at the onsen.
 A fight started between the spirits and the young men
 who defeated these spirits.
 The onsen owner went to thank the three young men
but they had disappeared.

 Next day he went to the Onsen Jinja to pray and give thanks for the help
 in ridding the onsen of the spirits.
 At the shrine he found the three Buddha statues with their heads chopped off!
 It seemed that the Buddhas had sacrificed themselves to help the onsen!
 He put their heads back on then gave thanks and prayed to themfor their great help.




Those three Buddhas
are still here today

you can see them
at the little shrine
just up some stairs
in the entrance lobby.


So please pray and
give thanks to them!!